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EMA is an Artificial Intelligence software that uses motion-detection technology

EMA is designed to simplify MSK therapy for you

EMA was designed and developed to help sufferers of musculoskeletal disorders get fast access to pain assessment and treatment. We have designed an end-to-end virtual therapy programme that can help you identify the source of your pain, do a real-time, AI flexibility and mobility test, and have a virtual consultation with a UK doctor. 

Learn how EMA MSK Assessment works and how it can help you if you are suffering from a musculoskeletal disorder.

Step 1:

Take the EMA MSK Assessment. The first part is a comprehensive questionnaire that will dive deep into identifying the source of your pain. The second part is a real-time, AI flexibility and mobility test. On completion of this assessment, a detailed working diagnosis report will be generated and shared with you.

Step 2:

Your report will reveal if you have any red or yellow flags, and you will receive an email recommending your next course of action.

Step 3:

If your diagnosis reveals any red or yellow flags, you have two options: You can either see your doctor with your report, or you can have a virtual consultation with our team doctor.

If the assessment reveals that you are in reasonably good musculoskeletal health, you can download the EMA MSK app and use it to maintain your current health. 

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