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How EMA works:

EMA works on two sides:


Doctor's side: A comprehensive dashboard that helps the healthcare professional (GP or Physiotherapist) monitor the patient's progress in real-time.

Patient's side: A comprehensive mobile phone app that uses the phone's camera to assess your posture, complete back-strengthening and pain-improving exercises assigned by the HCP, and provides real-time, evidence-based feedback to the HCP on the user's compliance and progress.

Posture Assessment

EMA can assess your posture through your smart phone's back camera and produce an analysis report that will help you identify areas in which you can improve.

Social Distancing

EMA comes with enhanced audio and video conferencing features that help you maintain social distancing requirements while having your condition cared for through your regular HCP.

A quick explainer

EMA is compliant with all relevant NHS and government standards
Standards are put in place by the NHS and the UK government to ensure that software companies with access to its patients' personal and health data keep them safe, and do not abuse such data. EMA and its owning company Parallel Reality Ltd. are compliant with such standards.
We have completed the Cyber Essentials certification

We have been approved for integration with EMIS

We have Data Security and Protection Toolkit assurance (our ODS Code is: X1O3F)
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Our Aim

To enable the NHS and its healthcare professionals provide better care for their patients, by minimising the time and cost involved, while helping patients help themselves on their road to recovery, using technology that is easily available and affordable, thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence.

We are sure you understand why developing EMA® is important to us

We want to reduce these statistics and help lower back pain sufferers